Gravel rt. (Eupatorium purpureum): It has a direct action on the urinary tract and is commonly used to eliminate and relieve stones. It has both regulating and amphoteric properties, and is effective for both diminished and frequent urination. Uva ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi): A diuretic that is specific as a urinary antiseptic and disinfectant, it treats chronic inflammation of the bladder and kidneys. It is also useful for diabetes, mucus discharges of the bladder, and for many diseases associated with the Spleen-pancreas and Liver. Parsley rt. (Petroselinum hortense): Is good for water retention and urinary tract infections. Parsley regulates fluid balance. Lobelia (Lobelia inflata): Lobelia has antispasmodic, nervine, and diuretic properties. It is both a stimulant and a relaxant at the same time. Because of its diffuse stimulating action, it is frequently combined with a strong stimulant. Ginger root (Zingiber officinale): (You add to the blend) Ginger acts as a stimulant and warming agent. I find it best to use the fresh root, as the dried root changes its energy from warm to HOT. The taste will be very different.

Note: One should also take 2 echinacea caplets with the tea.