Diabetic Tea Blend

Lemon balm: Lemon balm is gentle and has many uses. It is useful as a cooling diaphoretic for fevers. Since it removes surface tension from the body, it is effective for the treatment for nervous tension and depression. It can also be used like other mints for upset stomach and gas. Because of its gentle properties and pleasant flavor, it is suitable even for children.

Dandelion leaf: This herb is very high in Vitamin A. The main benefits of this herb are exerted upon the function of the liver. It has the ability to clear obstructions and stimulate and aid the liver and gallbladder to eliminate toxins from the blood. It also has a very high mineral content, which many of our foods today lack due to depleted soils. The leaf is one of the finest diuretics, and can be taken for fluid retention, cystitis, nephritis, weight loss, and hepatitis. It is also good for stomach disorders.

Nettle leaf: This also has a high concentration of nutrients, which makes it ideal for anemia. It is a valuable source of iron. Taken for a long period of time, nettles is a tonic that will benefit the whole body, especially the lungs, stomach, and urinary tract. It also serves as a diuretic and aids in digestion.

Red clover: This is also high in nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. It contains blood-thinning coumarins, effective for many chronic degenerative diseases, though they are more regulatory than specific in effect.

Licorice root: (Gan TíSao) Licorice root is a safe sweetener for diabetics. It is beneficial to the liver. By itself, it is a good remedy for cold, flu, debility, and all lung problems. It works well as a blood detoxifier with red clover and dandelion. It is used in many Chinese formulas as a harmonizing herb.